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. surae chinn talked with the stevens family today. >> it was a little scatter. >> reporter: a driver stopped to tell the stevens their yard sign was on fire. >> monday morning there was a knock at the door. >> reporter: that set off libby stevens' two dogs. >> there was a huge fireball in my front yard. >> reporter: the stevens are romney supporters. before it all went up in smoke she took a few snapshots of what was left of their 4 by 8- foot romney sign in their front yard. >> it is very disheartening and sad that somebody would choose to do this. shame on them. >> reporter: this is a friendlyeesburg street where neighbors have differing views both democratic and republican signs put up. sure, a few signs have been stolen here or there, but never have they heard of one burning down. >> everybody in our neighborhood is very peaceful and it's shocking that we would go to that length to, you know, make this a really negative political environment. >> we should be able to do this without threat to each other. >> reporter: stevens said she's had smaller romney signs stolen in the pa
.s. consulate in libya, killing christopher stevens and three other americans. but just weeks before the presidential election, secretary of state, hillary clinton, says she alone is responsible for keeping u.s. diplomats safe. >> i want everybody to know that we're going to get to the bottom of this and when we do, that information will be public and people will be able to draw their own conclusions. >> three separate investigations are underway to find out what happened. republicans are accusing the obama administration of a political coverup. >> i think it's the responsibility of the president of the united states to know these things and to deal with them, not just the study. >> five days after the attack, the obama administration blamed it on protesters, outraged over an american-made film. later, the administration said terrorists were behind the planned attack. clinton says in the fog of war, there's always going to be confusion. >> everybody had the same information. i mean, i have to say i know there's been a lot of attention paid to who said what and when, but i think
to improve his view. the washington post reports robert stevens cut down almost an acre of protected land in the farm community. some of those trees around 180 years old. park police opened a criminal probe and montgomery county fined stevens. redskins owner, dan schneider, who is one of his neighbors, also cut down some trees to include the view. lesli. >> the fbi wants you to take a good look at the man in this surveillance video. he handed the teller a note and took off in a cab. that man was last seen wearing a dark suit and tie, a dark nationals baseballs hat and sunglasses. >>> tomorrow, the nationals will play the first baseball playoff game in washington in 79 years. as matt jablow tells us, everything about the game is cause for celebration. everything except the game start time. >> yeah. >> greg is the chief operating officer of mcnair travel management in alexandria. >> i've been here 5 1/2 years. >> wednesdays is typically the busiest day of the week. >> wednesday is my heavy sales commitment day. >> this week, that's a big problem. a nationals season ticketholder who i
county police say they've now arrested the man responsible for this. the name michael steven mckenney. the 32-year-old is hosting a whole host of charging including burglary and video taping without consent. >>> a second man has now been linked to a plot to blow up the federal reserve bank in new york. the new york times reports the young man is under arrest in san diego on child pornography charges. the suspect, howard billy -- is now charged. >>> a senior security official killed in a car bomb attack in beirut, lebanon it happened today. the head of lebanon national police intelligence unit was among eight who died in the attack. in all about 80 people were wounded. >>> well police now think they know what caused that crash to kill the prince george's county police officer on his way home yesterday. this is the second death in two months, the third in two years. bruce declan is live. >> reporter: the message is wear your seat belts. as you said this is the third unbuckled prince george's police officer to died in the last two years. but this this case police believe that a 61
have 24 people here who are blind. >> tony stevens and his colleagues at the national industries for the blind work right next to the metro stop. but the station does not have the bumpy tiles that indicate the end of a platform. >> anybody that has ever dealt with a crowded platform on the train is not just being a person who is blind. anybody, you feel it on your feet. you feel it with the cane that you have. it lets you know that you're almost on the edge. >> 65 of metro's 86 stations have the tiles already in place. ten others will have them by 2015. including the twin brooks station where the installation is underway. the 11 remaining stations need funding. >> the bumpy tiles need to be in our key stations and really, i mean, these are stations that are transfer points and stations that have the most activity. >> metro points out it is already in full compliance with the americans with disabilities act. the ada. >> so that requirement was met a long time ago. everything we are doing now is over and above what is required. basically being done in the interest of our custo
was obviously talking about what happened to am ambassador chris stevens and the three others. he didn't say this specific attack is in an act of terror. but it makes sense. >> you fact checkers had to be on your game this go around and president obama was criticized for the first debate as pretty much, he didn't show up. this time, he showed up, he was on fire. so was governor romney. but the question really is, did either of them cross the line between being disagreeable and just being flat out rude? >> well, it's a political debate. the stakes are very high. the partisans on both sides want their candidate to be forceful. it's in the eye of the beholder. in my personal opinion, nobody did. that's the way these things work nowadays. if you don't like somebody, you're going to think he was the rude one and your guy did everything right. >> what we can definitely say is it was a lot more animated than the first one, everybody can agree on that. ray locker, thank you so much for coming in today and giving us perspective. you can always check the facts at >>> 12 and a quarter mil
now. i'm the only one for that. >> meet steven clark of northwest d.c. >> a nationals fan. >> you are too young for that. one pitch at a time. >> boy is he a long way from home. >> i have family here. 47,000 fans and i just happen to find the one brave enough to rock the curly w. >> it's lonely in here. >> he is a big man. >> watch out. he's a big man on an island. tough territory. >> get him out of the game, davey. >> enduring cardinals cheers and fans jeers. >> how are you going to get out of here alive? >> it looked bleak, down 2-1, but finally -- i guess we can call him nats. >> we are starting to rally, baby. opening series win and heck, clark says he might stick around for monday's tilt. i guess we know who will be calling in sick. in st. louis, 9sports. >>> the half way cap the new rally cap? have to figure that out. >> we did just find out. the nats return home wednesday. that game actually starts at 1:07 in the afternoon. nats fans not too pleased with that. they have yet another afternoon game. nats fans going crazy on twitter today. proclaiming their disgust
a better chance to start for the nationals than steven stephen strasburg does right now. mike rizzo isn't going back from what he said. >> we appreciate you coming in. we'll preview more of what the road could mean for the nationals coming up in the playoffs. >> giving the dreams the shot at the american dream. >>> plus, virginia makes changes for people trying to get their high school diplomas later in life. >> but first, add popcorn to the list of items that could be contaminated with listeria. the latest recalls are coming up in our consumer alert. too many americans are struggling to find work in today's economy. too many of those who are working are living paycheck to paycheck trying to make falling incomes meet rising prices for food and gas. more americans are living in poverty than when president obama took office and fifteen million more are on food stamps. president obama and i both care about poor and middle-class families. the difference is my policies will make things better for them. we shouldn't measure compassion by how many people are on welfare. we should measure com
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8